RTaW-Sim 1.2

RTaW-Sim is a fine-grained discrete-event bus simulator
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RTaW-Sim enables the designer of an application based on Controller Area Network (CAN) to quickly set the best communication parameters and assess the performances and reliability of the system. RTaW-Sim is a fine-grained discrete-event bus simulator providing the frame response time distributions and statistics about the frame buffer usage at the ECU and communication controller level. RTaW-Sim helps the designer to choose the right communication stacks (e.g., waiting queue policy) and communication controllers (e.g., number of buffers) and configure them. RTaW-Sim is fast – for instance, the total lifetime time of a vehicle is simulated in just a couple of hours.

RTaW-Sim can be used to re-play certain specific scenarios and perform fault-injection (i.e. frame transmission errors, ECU reboots, ECU clocks drifting apart) according to user-defined error models and error recovery time model (e.g., time after which the bus is available again after a transmission error). The error models can be specified as closed-form distributions or under the form of frequency histograms, possibly coming directly from measurements taken on a prototype.

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